Music Production For Beginners

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Music Production For Beginners

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Start With An Idea

The first step is to produce an idea. This can be done by using the piano/keyboard software that’s supplied with your hardware (or any other pre-installed music program). Making a chord progression is one example of this; if you produce chords (especially simple harmonies such as major and minor), you automatically produce melody lines too.

The second step is to produce a rhythm. If you produce the chords first, it’s easy to produce a backup rhythm with other sounds such as drum beats and basslines.

The next step is putting all the elements together by adding sound effects and any other music production tricks that you can think of. This produces your final track which you can then export to a digital audio workstation (DAW) or burn to CD.

One key thing to remember is that practice makes perfect – the more you produce, the better your music will sound.


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