Buddhist Monk Joy on Deep Meditation & Concentration

Buddhist Monk Joy | S1 FuturePresent: Episode 1

Buddhist Monk Joy on Deep Meditation & Concentration

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When it comes to matters of the mind, few people know more than buddhist monks. For centuries, these experts in meditation and concentration have helped others find peace and clarity amidst the chaos of life. And while their methods may seem mysterious to some, the power of their practice is undeniable.

If you’re looking to improve your focus and concentration, there’s no better teacher than a monk. These men and women have devoted their lives to mastering the art of meditation, and their skills can help you achieve a new level of mental clarity. In addition to providing guidance and support, monks can also offer you a glimpse into the power of compassion. By witnessing the compassion of these wise individuals, you may find yourself more motivated to be kind and understanding towards others.

“When we have wisdom & knowledge.. everything really goes well.” —Joy

Lao Buddhist Temple of Visalia is a temple that is home to Buddhist Monk and Artist Joy Souksavatdy who has been practicing his work in Visalia for over 7 years.  His work is a reflection of his teachings, which he hopes will create good members of society. The temple is open Monday- Friday from 8 am-12pm and welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more about the Buddhist faith and its teachings.

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