10 Facts That Prove Music Is Beneficial To Your Brain

10 facts that prove music is beneficial to your brain

10 Facts That Prove Music Is Beneficial To Your Brain

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People have been making music with their voices and instruments for thousands of years.

The music we listen to has its benefits too, both in the short term and long term. Here are ten facts that prove music is beneficial to your brain.

1. Listening to music increases activity in your left frontal lobe (associated with positive emotions).

2. Listening to music that you enjoy boosts your immune system. It also decreases stress levels, lowers blood pressure and slows heart rate.

3. Music can help people who are in rehabilitation for injuries recover more quickly. This is because music stimulates brain activity, making it easier for them to concentrate on tasks they have been set as part of their therapy.

4. Even if you are tone-deaf, music training can give your brain a boost. Scientists have found that music lessons increase grey matter in the area of the brain associated with language skills and pitch processing.

5. Listening to music while exercising boosts performance by 14%. This is because music keeps people motivated to exercise longer than if they are exercising in silence.

6. A music therapist uses music to help people express themselves and improve their moods or behaviour. Music “can be used as an alternative form of communication for individuals who cannot speak due to autism, stroke, aphasia, muscular dystrophies or any other reason.”

7. Listening to music makes it easier for adults to learn new words. “A music class, even if it’s just 20 minutes of music appreciation before a foreign language class, can help students master and retain new vocabulary.”

8. People who suffer from hearing loss need music as much as those with perfect hearing. One study found that children with cochlear implants showed “significant improvements in music perception skills” after music lessons.

9. Music has also been shown to improve symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, even in the later stages.

10. Listening to music is like taking a magic potion that brings happiness and relaxation to people all over the world (and it’s completely free). So get some music playing on and enjoy all the benefits!

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